Future Goals & Achievements

In recent years, a growing number of implementers have become involved in party assistance, and donors who had previously been reluctant to support these programs have expressed a new interest in the sector.

67 New Goals Next Year

Democracy, however, works best when citizens proudly take part in their civic affairs as patriots. Political Apathy that leads to chronic low voter turnout, particularly in communities suffering from inadequate constituent services, is a constraint to residents’ socioeconomic progress. Take the Bronx, for example.

Our public safety, community Peace building and quality of life crusades are all tied to this mission of countering voter apathy. Instead of helplessly begging politicians to address them, we will support the elections of candidates who prioritize them.

Implementing New Laws

In our judgment, two of the reasons contributing to voter apathy are: Ineffective political incumbency and unexcitable political candidates, and both are addressed through our proprietary ‘Candidate Questionnaires’ and ‘Constituency Index’.
New York Civics Agenda consists of programs and activities that educate and excite citizens about their civics, and it is funded by individuals, corporate donors, foundations and government grants.