“ The world is too vast and beautiful not to challenge the opportunities it offers . Explore it .”

Olivia Nantongo is a successful serial entrepreneur and investor in start-ups, and most importantly, a mother of five exceptional children. She is Ugandan by birth but her formative years was in which gave her a global view of the growth and development in the business space, the passion,strategies and innovations that drives successful business.Ms Nantongo managed her successful beauty and wellness spa in Stockholm, Onantongo for 23 years before she decided to emigrate and explore the opportunities in the United States of America. She is a trained in Europe for wellness, beauty and nutritions and has successfullymanaged her spa onantongo wellness for over 23 years. Has multiplecertificates in laser treatments, various body treatments and mesotherapy. Majored in political science at Stockholms University, Medical nursing assistant at Luleå tekniska in Luleå Sweden and Business management at Stockholm University. Belongs to the NAPACNY Organization as the PRO, African democratic Club and the NYC African Council and is also the Head Diaspora coordinator on trade and investments SPA/DIASPORA AFFAIRS USA Office of the President of Uganda. Ms Nantongo is a beliver in giving back to her community by serve as a board member of the Rescue Project, a subsidiary of Haven Hands Inc, a humanitarian organization that provides resources and assistance to disabled, sick and orphaned children around the world and runs her own NGO (PEDIA) Poverty eradication and Development initiatives Africa. Currently, Nantongo is leading the marketing efforts and assisting in investor recruitment in the U.S. and the African nations for KTA Mobile. An indigenous telephone manufacturing company