Mr. El Hadji M. Ndao, originally from Senegal, West Africa, is the founder and current President/CEO of Sunuafrik Inc (formerly Sunuafri), a multi-services company based in New York City, USA. The company came in to being in 2003 with the aim of bringing into the marketplace goods produced and services delivered by Africans, both on the mainland and around the diaspora, with particular attention to improving the lives of people within the continental African communities of the United States. Mr. Ndao has acquired over 18 years of experience in the areas of media, entertainment, marketing and distribution. Through the radio/media division of the company, Sunuafrik Radio Broadcasting Services, he and his team have been producing and presenting a number of programs via WPAT-930AM- the flagship station of Multicultural Radio Broadcasting Incorporated (MRBI) – that serve the various communities. The programs give the listeners hard news, interviews with special guests, discussions of critical issues that upper-most in people’s minds; reports in the areas of entertainment & culture, sports & recreation, travel & leisure, business & entrepreneurship, as well as health & relationship, and immigration advice. Every Saturday, those within the New York Metropolitan Area (and large portions of the Tri-State Area), have the opportunity of listening over the airwaves to the various programs produced by El Hadji Ndao and his team.
The first one is “StraightTalk”, a current affairs program hosted by the acclaimed author, Dr. Chika Onyeani, and comes on live, from 12am to 1am EST. That is followed by the music/entertainment oriented “African Music Morning” aka “TheJumboJet ammAfrica” hosted by the veteran journalist and nightlife operative, E. Obebi Olali, which runs from 1am to 3am EST. The last of the three programs, “The Sunuafrik Show” is hosted by El Hadji Ndao, and is delivered in multiple languages (French, Wolof and Fulani) and gives information, news, interviews, discussions and more, on what’s going on within and outside of the African continent, with emphasis on the West Africa sub-region. All these programs can be listened to by people around the globe, by logging on to You can also check out the podcasts of previous shows by logging on to

Mr. El Hadji Ndao can be contacted by phone at 646-505-7487 and/or by email at To reach him when he is live on-air, you many call the WPAT studios at 212-219-9695.