Al Quattlebaum was born on February 12, 1969, in the Bronx, NY. Al was up for adoption at birth, and God had His hands-on Al from birth. Al was blessed to come in the care of Algernon “Pete” and Thelma “Lady Q” Quattlebaum.
They took him in at two weeks and became the parents that raised me. As an adult, Al wishes he had told them both how much he appreciates and loves them for taking him in when they did not have to and that he is sorry for the trouble he caused them through the years.
Currently, Al Quattlebaum is married and has two children, one son 23 years old and one daughter 17 years old, who he loves very much. Al’s son did not have him around most of his childhood because of the “dumb things that we as adults do to each other.” However, Al and his son are working on their relationship as adults, and he hopes he knows how much he loves him. His daughter has been his running buddy since birth. Al continues to be actively involved in her schooling and extra curriculum activities.
Al Quattlebaum accepted his call to the ministry back in 1996 and it was not been a straight forward movement. The good thing about God is that his grace is sufficient and He is patient. Al’s road has been anything but easy. Al Quattlebaum preached his 1st sermon under the guidance under the Pastor Willie Davis of Christian Unity Baptist Church in Los Angeles, Ca.


As a young preacher Al Quattlebaum was preaching all over LA, under Pastor Davis guiding and teaching him. Al’s ministry was growing. Around 1998 Al moved him and his wife Monrovia, Ca and started working with First Baptist Church of Duarte where the pastor was the late Rev. Derrick Lewis. Al Quattlebaum worked with Rev Lewis as an associate minister. Al Quattlebaum is currently working as an associate minister at the Co-op City Baptist Church in the Bronx, NY.

Al now understands what many people were trying to tell him when he was younger, “this is your race, and you will have to run it. All I can do is give advice and hand you some water to help you along, but You Have to Run This Race!!!”
Al has learned so much along the way, and he is still in this race called life. Now Al feels that it is time for leadership that you can count on. Leadership that is not afraid to talk about the challenging issues, leadership that is ready to bring jobs to our community, leadership that will bring fresh foods and a greener community.

Al Quattlebaum is currently the President of People First Democratic Club The primary goal and purpose for establishing People Fist Democratic Club is to strengthen our community by building and organizing capable and experienced leaders and volunteers.

“We have been faced with some of the most difficult times this year. We have had to say goodbye to loved ones because of a pandemic we were not ready for. We have had jobs lost, and many are struggling with life. I believe that we are strong and resilient, and by working together, we are unstoppable. I know that our best days are ahead of us, and I am ready to serve our communities by organizing and fighting for a brighter tomorrow. The best way we do this is by VOTING!!!”