About New York Political Coalition (NYPC)

NYPC is a nonpartisan political organization with a mission of civic participation, good governance, effective political representation and citizens’ easy access to voting systems.

Our Team

Sheikh Musa Drammeh

Sheikh Musa Drammeh is the founder of New York based Muslim Media Corporation that publishes three newspapers namely: Muslim Community Report, New York Parrot and Parkchester Times Newspapers, as well as the CEO of Halalfinder.com, Lifestyle Lifespan and New York Political Coalition (www.civicsagenda.org).

Attorney Eunice Ukwuani

Pioneer President
Eunice Ukwuani is the pioneer President of New York Political Coalition. She's also President/Founder of Princess Eunice Ukwuani Foundation (PEUF). She is a Graduate of Law and Public Administration from the prestigious Long Island University where she obtained her first degree. Eunice went further to Pace University for her Graduate School. She also obtained Masters of Public Administration.

Sima Karetnaya

Sima Karetnaya, a very active and passionate member of New York Political Coalition, is a United States Ambassador of Health and Global Peace officially appointed to the United Nations, Certified Member of Medical Expert Committee at the WHO, USA Representing Public Health Expert at the International Society of Health Education, International Consultant at the International Organization of Local Government that is accredited with the United Nations, and President at the Public Health Advisory of the Borough of Brooklyn.

Benine Hamdan

Benine Hamdan is a
Business Analyst with combined experience in Account Management, business development and business analysis. She has
exceptional planning, leadership, and coordination skills with proven success completing complex projects on schedule and
within budget.


George is a pioneer member of New York Civics Coalition, Chief Executive Officer of Foundation for Sustainable Community Development Initiative, FSCDI Inc a nonprofit supporting under-resourced communities in Corona, Queens New York and many struggling to make it in remote communities in Nigeria, where hunger, malnutrition and poverty is a commonplace thing.
A political activist who believes in democracy, social justice and ideologically centrist and believer in “Law and Order” as a quintessential tool for achieving good governance.

Mr. El Hadji M. Ndao

Mr. El Hadji M. Ndao, originally from Senegal, West Africa, is the founder and current President/CEO of Sunuafrik Inc (formerly Sunuafri), a multi-services company based in New York City, USA. The company came in to being in 2003 with the aim of bringing into the marketplace goods produced and services delivered by Africans, both on the mainland and around the diaspora, with particular attention to improving the lives of people within the continental African communities of the United States. Mr. Ndao has acquired over 18 years of experience in the areas of media, entertainment, marketing and distribution.

Al Quattlebaum

Al Quattlebaum was born on February 12, 1969, in the Bronx, NY. Al was up for adoption at birth, and God had His hands-on Al from birth. Al was blessed to come in the care of Algernon ``Pete`` and Thelma ``Lady Q`` Quattlebaum.
They took him in at two weeks and became the parents that raised me. As an adult, Al wishes he had told them both how much he appreciates and loves them for taking him in when they did not have to and that he is sorry for the trouble he caused them through the years.


Olivia Nantongo is a successful serial entrepreneur and investor in start-ups, and most importantly, a mother of five exceptional children. She is Ugandan by birth but her formative years was in which gave her a global view of the growth and development in the business space, the passion,strategies and innovations that drives successful business.Ms Nantongo managed her successful beauty and wellness spa in Stockholm, Onantongo for 23 years before she decided to emigrate and explore the opportunities in the United States of America.


New York Civics Agenda:

Voter Apathy has now become a real threat to our local and national safety, prosperity and future. This threat is being highlighted prominently by the precipitous rise of socialism and political partisan extremism nationwide.

Furthermore, the ongoing partisan voter suppression measures being enacted by states legislators have made the matters even worse.

Democracy and free market capitalism are what propelled our nation to the top of the world in good governance, personal liberty and economic superpower, among others.

Democracy, however, works best when citizens proudly take part in their civic affairs as patriots. Political Apathy that leads to chronic low voter turnout, particularly in communities suffering from inadequate constituent services, is a constraint to residents’ socioeconomic progress. Take the Bronx, for example.

Our public safety, community Peace building and quality of life crusades are all tied to this mission of countering voter apathy. Instead of helplessly begging politicians to address them, we will support the elections of candidates who prioritize them.

Against this stubborn voter apathy challenge, New York Political Coalition (A nonpartisan political organization) and its growing partners are launching “New York Civics Agenda” initiative to combat civic apathy in New York and beyond.

In our judgment, two of the reasons contributing to voter apathy are: Ineffective political incumbency and unexcitable political candidates, and both are addressed through our proprietary ‘Candidate Questionnaires’ and ‘Constituency Index’.

New York Civics Agenda consists of programs and activities that educate and excite citizens about their civics, and it is funded by individuals, corporate donors, foundations and government grants.

Our Partners:

1. People First Democratic Club
2. African Democratic Club
3. United American Centrists
4. Nigerian-American Public Affairs Committee
5. Pamela Stewart-Martinez, 87 District Female District Leader
6. Yadhira Gonzalez-Taylor, Lawyer
7. Verena C. Powell, Lawyer
8. Sean Hayes, Lawyer, Law Professor, CEO, Hedge Fund Advisor
9. Benine Hamdan, Congressional Candidate NY.
10. Ruth Papazian, a political strategist.
11. Kwabena Adinkra, African Heritage Committee
12. Eugene Adams, Bronx Community College
13. Alhadji Ndao, Sunuafrik Radio
14. Alina DOWE, Community Activist
15. Muslim Media Corporation
16. Tusha Tusha’e Diaz, Latino Muslims of New York
17. Eunice Ukwuani, Lawyer
18. Dr. George Onuorah, political and community activist
19. Marion Frampton, founder of TBS New Direction
20. Monifa Maat and Martin Addo, Owners of Southbridge Fitness gym
21. Monica Sanchez, founder of Miss CARICOM Foundation